Clochán- "Abbey Wall" Pendant

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A sterling silver pendant designed by Annie Quinn and handmade in Ireland as part of her Clochán: Stories in Stone collection.

This collection, inspired by "the ancient stone walls, castles and dwellings of Ireland crafted by generations of local people and how they have become one with the landscape."

The “Abbey Wall” design is inspired by the ecclesiastical buildings that are a notable feature across the landscape and in the history of Ireland, many of them now ruins. To the artist “the Abbey Wall is a symbol of a spiritual retreat and this piece reminds us to let go of daily stresses and problems”. Its surface is formed into a light-catching ripple of silver stones with delicate detailing above the window shape.

Such old church buildings, both those ruined and intact, are prominent around the village of Adare, including its Trinitarian abbey (now Holy Trinity church), A former Augustinian monastery and the ruined Franciscan abbey near the banks of the river.

The chain is 46cm (or 18inches) and the pendant measures 4cm x 1cm (or 1.6 x 0.4 inches).