The Claddagh Ring

Whether intended as a gleaming and long lasting memory of Ireland or a pledge of love, we have a range of delightful Claddagh rings in gold, from the traditional three part design to more elaborate rings ornamented with precious stones including emeralds and diamonds. 

The design of the traditional Irish Claddagh ring originated in an area of that name in Galway, in the 17th century. The components of the design together signify love, loyalty and friendship with the heart representing love, the hands friendship and the crown above them loyalty or fidelity. 

The ring can traditionally be worn in several ways to signify different messages, the most common of these being that to wear it with the design (and the point of the heart) facing inwards towards the wrist signifies that the wearer is "taken". To wear the ring with the design facing outwards shows that they are free. (Though there are more detailed variations). Because of its positive meaning and association with pride in Ireland and its history, it has also become popular to be given for example as a gift from mother to daughter, or one worn by each.